A Story.....

Once there lived deep in the swamps of Alaska a woman who had the skin of a lizard. One day she decided to create a concoction that would turn her lizard skin into the softness of silk. She wrapped herself in her cloak and with her gathering basket wandered about the bog seeking plants who would assist her in fullfilling her Quest.

She then went beyond the bog to other parts of Alaska and gathered more herbs that had the qualities she was looking for and what she couldnt gather she cultivated in her garden. These herbs had magic healing properties and with a little of her own swamp magic whipped up a brew that turned her cracked chapped skin into the softness of a new born.. The other lizard skinned swamp folk looked on in great awe and she happily turned thier lizard skin soft and supple. The word spread through out the land and those with Eczema and Psoriosis came and found relief for thier itching skin.

Hence Swamp Sister continues to make her magical creams and oils with the help of the wonderful plants of the earth. So if you have lizard skin, smooth on a dab of swamp sisters and watch your skin transform into the pure softness of silk.

Swamp Sister Lotions
Elizabeth Neumann, Owner & Lotion Master
42410 Old Sterling Hwy
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556
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